Chromatic richness. Aesthetic appeal. Unexpected tactile sensations. We know how to make the most of the appearance of our profiles. We have always employed the most advanced techniques of colouration and coating, use the highest quality paints and carry out strict tests on their resilience to wear and tear and abrasion. Our plants use sophisticated checking procedures to control the electrostatic painting process, and use polyester powder coating for a minimal impact on the environment. We have Qualicoat and Seaside certification. And, above all, we count on a practically inexhaustible chromatic palette of RAL colours, gothic colours and refined textured finishes.


A strong aluminium core is united with a wood effect surface – a marriage celebrated through the use of special thermal printing processes for high-pressure, temperature controlled sublimation, faithfully reproducing the colours and grain of precious woods. This is why profiles can be used even in the most classic architectonic contexts without compromising their qualities of technology, solidity and durability.


The best-known, the oldest and most reliable treatment of aluminium surfaces. An electrochemical process of surface oxidation emphasises the physical properties of the metal and, if properly controlled, gives rise to a varied chromatic palette: from classic colours of silver and bronze to modern tones of titanium or electric blue, of great effect in minimalist style contexts and in new trends of contemporary architecture. offers no fewer than eighteen different finishes obtained through anodic oxidation.