We select the best raw aluminium in the world and we subject it to scrupulous analysis in our laboratories. Only the best metal is chosen, added to the surplus material recovered from our Group factories and sent to the fusion furnaces: two high capacity ovens which represent the beating heart of our industry.

Following fusion, the metal passes to the smelting furnace where it is filtered and alloyed (removing gas and any impurities), cooled and finally returned to solid state in the shape of  billets.

Once the billets have been analysed and marked with a batch number, they undergo a range of temperature cycles to make them homogeneous, eliminate any cavities and give the metal the required extrusion characteristics. A further control checks that the entire process has been carried out perfectly and ensures that only those billets which are free of defects and faults are sent to be extruded.

Fusion and production of the billets is monitored at every stage with the help of sophisticated equipment. Test results are noted and recorded to ensure consistent product quality over time.