FX 50

Curtain wall

Dati tecnici del sistema

Construtcion type Tradizionale
Mullion/transom depth 61/203 mm
Mullion/transom width 50 mm
Thermal break 16 mm
Maximum glazing thickness 38 mm
Sash hinges maximum weight 130 Kg
Thermal insulation 4,30 W/m²K
System performance 4 – R7 – 1600/2400 pa

System benefits

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Ease of machining and installation

Potential for creating complex shapes available

Versatility with various types of curtain walling

Customised interior design

Integrated with Allco systems for doors and windows


System performance

Air Permeability:
Class A4

Water tightness:
Class R7

Wind load resistance:
± 1600PA