System for armored doors and windows
Technical Data System

Frame depth 65 mm
Sash depth 65/72 mm
Maximum glazing thickness min 41 mm
Chamber accessories Dedicated/Euro Standard 
Sash hinges maximum weight 180 Kg
Armor steel WEV K700 (HB210)
Classification Class C (1500 J)

System benefits

Guaranteed security against weapons
Versatility of construction types
Dedicated accessories chamber
Specially designed accessories
Finishing customization

System performance

Resistance to firearms
Class C (1500 J)
The original test was performed according to UNCSAAL recommendations for armored doors and windows, then replaced by the current UNI EN 1522 standard. Based on the measurement of the m / s to which it has resisted, the Sicurblin system can be placed in
according to the UNI EN1522 standard.